Cod Fillets

Sold in quantities of 500g

Our cod is landed in the North Sea.




Our cod fillets are taken from the best specimens available, providing a meaty portion of succulent white flesh.

Cod is a large fish – it can grow up to 1.8m long – that is far and away the No1 choice for fish and chips in the United Kingdom, but the soft flakes and mild flavour lend it huge versatility in the kitchen, whether steamed, poached, shallow or deep fried, or roasted in the oven. The key thing to avoid is overcooking – grilling is one method that is poorly suited to the delicate flesh, which also works well in croquettes, fish cakes, gratins, mousses and fish pie.

A close relative of haddock and pollack, cod has a powerful body and a large head. It thrives in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and North Sea. Female cod are immensely fertile, laying up to five million eggs. This roe is very popular in Scandinavian countries, either smoked or boiled and prepared with other ingredients.

Following decades of diminishing stocks through overfishing, North Sea cod has regained sustainable status from the Marine Conservation Society after a raft of measures were introduced to allow cod numbers to recover.


Per 100g raw cod
Energy  75kcal
Fat 0.6g (of which saturated fat 0.16g)
Protein 17.5g

Rich in vitamin B12, iodine, phosphorus, potassium and selenium


Cod fillets are best eaten as fresh as possible. Keep refrigerated between 0˚C and 5˚C and consume within three days of delivery. If freezing, do so on the day of delivery and consume within two months. We recommend defrosting overnight in the fridge.

How We Package Your Fish

1. First we vacuum pack individual fish portions (if the fillets are small then we will pack them in pairs).
2. Each portion is then weighed and clearly labelled.
3. We add frozen chill packs, which contain non-toxic gel, to a polystyrene box.
4. We pack your order so the chill packs distribute the cold evenly throughout your fish and seafood, ensuring maximum freshness.
5. We seal the box with packing tape and hand it to our courier, who will deliver it to you within 24 hours (or 48 hours if you live in the Scottish Highlands).

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Where do you source your fish from?

Each product page clearly says where it comes from. We deal with a range of suppliers, including fish markets in north-east Scotland and reputable aquaculture businesses on the north-west coast of Scotland and in East Lothian. Freshness and quality mean everything to us and we only engage with partners who share our values.

Can you advise on the amount of fish to buy for a special occasion?

We recommend allowing a portion size of between 160g and 200g per person. However if you are catering for a larger amount of people than normal or planning a special meal then our team of fishmongers will be happy to advise you. Call us on 01506 894088 or email, Tuesday to Saturday.

We deliver anywhere on the UK mainland

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