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  • Arbroath haddock smokies on a slate background

    Arbroath Smokies

    £9.95 per pair
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  • Fish pie mix on a chopping board

    Fish Pie Mix

    £9.70 per 500g
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  • Haddock Fillets – Finnan Smoked

    £9.37 per 500g
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  • Peat smoked haddock fillet on a slate background

    Haddock Fillets – Peat Smoked

    £9.65 per 500g
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  • smoked mackerel fillets with brown bread and lemon wedges

    Mackerel Fillets – Smoked

    £4.95 per pair
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  • smoked and peppered mackerel fillets with brown bread

    Mackerel Fillets – Smoked and Peppered

    £4.95 per pair
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  • Smoked trout fillet on a chopping board

    Rainbow Trout Fillets – Smoked

    £17.20 per 500g
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  • Smoked salmon slices on a chopping board

    Salmon Slices – Smoked

    £18.75 per 500g
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  • Smoked salmon trimmings on a slate background

    Salmon Trimmings – Smoked

    £12.15 per 500g
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  • Scallops, monkfish fillets, halibut fillets and smoked salmon slices on a board with herbs and garlic

    Special Feast Box

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  • two kippers on a board with shallots, herbs and seasoning

    Whole Kippers

    £8.59 per pair
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Showing all 11 results

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