How To Make Fish Go Further

Bank balances have been taking a battering in recent months and nowhere is it more obvious than in your weekly grocery shopping. But with careful planning you don’t have to blow the budget to eat well every day. Choose the right fresh ingredients and you won’t have to compromise on quality.

We don’t have to remind you of the health benefits of getting plenty of fish in your diet. Packed with vitamins and minerals, you’ll get everything from omega-3 fatty acids to help prevent heart disease to low-fat white fish, which is the perfect alternative to red or processed meat. Aim for at least two portions of fish a week, making one of them oily fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon or trout.

So, how do you create affordable options without losing quality?

Save on costs with budget-friendly recipes for dishes such as hearty fish pie, pastas, curries and fish stews. These can be filled with nutritious pulses and may, of course, be cooked in bulk and then frozen in individual portions.

Make a pack of smoked mackerel go further by using it to make pâtés, sandwich fillers, sushi and risotto.

For a smoked mackerel pâté that makes a filling starter or easy lunch, piled on crusty bread or toast, simply flake the fish and blitz it with crème fraîche, olive oil, horseradish sauce, dill and lemon juice. Alternatively, get creative and make smoked mackerel sushi rolls for a healthy lunchtime treat.

A creamy chowder can be made with store cupboard staples such as garlic, onion, potatoes and sweetcorn, while a warm, comforting risotto just needs arborio rice, spring onions and spinach to add to the fish.

Naturally we think fish should always be the star of the show when it comes to meal times, but using it as an ingredient rather than the main attraction can help portions go that little bit further.

Use salmon, haddock or cod with colourful veggies, ginger, lemongrass and garlic for delicious south-east Asian flavours. And think about adding lentils and tinned tomatoes for filling dishes that won’t break the bank but don’t skimp on flavour.

Make cod loin stretch to more portions with a Spanish-style cod and chickpea stew packed with chorizo, chickpeas and roasted red peppers. Ready in less than 30 minutes, it’s a great midweek or weekend treat if you’re in a hurry.

In the early days of lockdown when food stocks were unpredictable we all improved our batch cooking skills. It’s certainly worth revisiting some of your favourite meals prepared in advance. Remember: if you cook with fresh ingredients, dishes can be placed in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

In under an hour you can make a spicy fish stew with salmon, spring onions, garlic, chilli, chopped tomatoes, green peppers, kidney beans, thyme and parsley. Wait till it cools and then divide into portions for the freezer.

Alternatively, what about smoked haddock and chive fishcakes using just fish, potatoes, leeks, eggs and breadcrumbs? Put them in the freezer and then defrost overnight in the fridge when you’re ready to eat them.

Use delicious cod fillets to make your own homemade fish fingers that will go down a treat with the grown-ups in the family as well as the kids. Low in calories and carbs, they’re packed full of protein.

You can feed the whole family with our fish pie mix or make hearty portions for two and freeze the rest.

Don’t overlook kippers. They’re good value and can easily stretch to serve four people if you make a kedgeree.

It might seem extravagant but consider buying a whole fish to get more out of it. Grill or oven cook a whole fish or think about buying a bigger fish, maybe salmon, and cutting fillets and steaks yourself.

Don’t forget there’s good meat in the cheeks, top of the head and close to the tail. Then use the leftover head, tail and bones to make tasty fish stock, with nothing going to waste.

Other top tips include making sure you get all of the meat hidden away in lobster legs and claws.

And plan ahead when your Fresh Fish Daily order arrives. Plot out your meals, dividing up portions and putting them in the freezer. All you need to do is defrost them when you’re ready to cook.

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